Hear the latest on California’s SGIP Resiliency program from Stem experts

With blackouts recently roiling the state’s electricity system and Public Safety Power Shutoff events possibly continuing for a decade, California’s SGIP Resiliency program incentivizes facilities to install backup power systems that avoid on-site blackouts while enhancing overall grid resilience.

SGIP incentives typically cover half or more of project installation costs, but customers who qualify under SGIP Resiliency can increase their incentive by up to 3X. But navigating extensive qualification criteria and designing backup power systems that meet both organizational needs and program requirements can be challenging.

In this webinar, Stem’s market and technology experts will provide an updated overview of SGIP Resiliency incentives, as well as backup power solutions that can protect California facilities from costly power outages. Topics will include:

  • Determining program eligibility and navigating applications
  • Designing successful backup power systems and modeling project revenues
  • Case study examples of cutting-edge solar + storage microgrids


David Erhart

VP of Engineering


Zach Einterz

Senior Manager, Product Marketing

California’s SGIP Resiliency Program: Capturing Incentives and Designing Successful Backup Power Projects