Project developers: Learn how to set up your organization for success with energy storage.

Adding energy storage to solar increases project revenues through different value drivers depending on the market. Ultimately, energy storage gives solar assets more flexibility, making it possible to use solar generation at the most valuable times, instead of only when the sun is shining.

So when it comes to adding energy storage to your solar project, how do you identify the right resources to help you execute? Energy storage is more complex than solar by a landslide, requiring experience in storage supply chain and hardware, codes and compliance, market analysis and project design, permitting and interconnection, optimization and control software, and operational requirements.

Tune in to this webinar to understand:

  • The financial case for adding storage to solar
  • How to execute large-scale energy storage projects
  • What expertise is required to successfully implement energy storage, from market analysis to deployment to compliance
  • The benefits of building out resources in house vs. working with a storage partner


Mark Triplett

Chief Operations Officer


David Stripling

Director of Product Marketing

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Developing large-scale energy storage projects: Keys to success