The ways we produce, manage, and consume energy are changing.

In the modern energy economy, energy managers and operations leaders now have more flexibility and control than ever before, enabled by IoT and cloud-based solutions combined with distributed energy resources (DERs). This enablement gives rise to enterprise prosumers that are now able to achieve lower costs, greater resilience, and enhanced sustainability.

On this on-demand webinar, we will explore how prosumers are implementing strategies and solutions, including energy storage and microgrids, to manage energy. This webinar covers:

  • Market drivers affecting the energy economy, including the rise of distributed energy and renewables, and resiliency challenges on our electricity grid
  • How these market drivers have given rise to enterprise prosumers that are actively managing their energy use
  • Microgrid solutions being adopted by prosumers to reduce costs and serve power needs during times of poor grid quality 
  • How energy storage solutions add value through demand reduction, demand response, energy arbitrage, and backup power


Zach Einterz

Director of Product Marketing, Stem


Andy Haun

CTO, Microgrids, Schneider Electric


Join this webinar to learn strategies for achieving lower costs, greater resilience, and enhanced sustainability.

Stem customers include: