Learn about the value drivers for key energy storage markets today and find out how we predict markets to expand over the next five years.

The adoption of energy storage solutions has been steady in certain markets, like California and Hawaii in the U.S. The Northeast and New England markets are rapidly picking up pace, and the momentum globally is expected to dramatically speed up as the demand for resiliency and sustainability increase.

What are the value drivers in the key energy storage markets today, and how do we expect the markets to expand over the next five years? As a pioneer in this market, Stem has unique insight into how the market for energy storage has evolved over the last decade, and where it is going next.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Value drivers for storage across key markets today 
  • How the market for energy storage has evolved 
  • Next markets opening up for energy storage
  • Impact of decarbonization, EVs, and renewables on the energy storage market 


Tad Glauthier

VP, Market Development


David Stripling

Director of Product Marketing

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