Energy consumption has always been an unpredictable operating cost for manufacturers, and these costs have become more critical with the current COVID-19 crisis. A recent poll indicates that more than 70% of industrial manufacturers fear negative financial impacts from COVID-19 as it strains economies, societies, and supply chains around the world.

With your budgets stretched thin and layoffs or worse being “on the table,” identifying easy, proven ways to cut costs can be the critical element in your company’s survival. New innovations in AI-powered energy storage designed to reduce energy costs are proving to be powerful tools to help manufacturers across the industry through this crisis.

Watch this webinar to learn how intelligent energy storage helps manufacturers:

  • Lower operating costs quickly and easily in response to the economic impacts of COVID-19
  • Demonstrate operational excellence to executives and customers despite budget cuts
  • Enhance reliability and facility resilience despite an increasingly stressed grid
  • Maximize value of solar assets and corporate sustainability initiatives


Christy Martell

VP, Product Marketing


Josh Lehman

Senior Director, Product Management