Adding energy storage to solar creates opportunities for up to 2X higher project value, more competitive deals, and enhanced business resilience. But it also adds complexity to projects.

Stem University is a free, on-demand virtual course that provides you with educational resources to help you feel confident educating your customers on the value of solar and significantly boosting attachment rates on all projects. There are separate tracks for sales, sales analytics, and project managers.

Learn what to expect from Stem University, and what it means to become a Stem Certified Energy Storage Expert.

Join this webinar to understand the business challenges that are addressed by Stem University and learn how the program will help you:

  • Convey the benefits of solar + storage with ease and confidence
  • Analyze and model projects
  • Understand the finer points of storage deployment and maintenance


John Serron

Program Lead, Channel Partner Strategy


Doug Jordan

Senior Manager, Pre-Construction and Partner Support

How to Become a Certified Expert in Commercial Energy Storage