Recession-proof your facility: How energy storage can help

COVID-19 has impacted companies and industries across the globe, pressuring operating budgets and challenging leaders to devise strategies for thriving even during a recession.

Generating savings opportunities is now more important than ever. Stem’s industry-leading, AI-powered energy storage helps hundreds of customers, including many Fortune 500 companies, achieve significant bill savings. And Stem’s innovative financing allows rapid deployment and immediate savings with no money upfront.

Join this webinar to learn how energy storage helps businesses of all kinds to:

  • Lower operating costs quickly and easily in response to COVID-19 economic impacts
  • Demonstrate operational excellence to executives and customers despite budget cuts
  • Enhance reliability and facility resilience despite an increasingly stressed grid
  • Maximize value of solar assets and corporate sustainability initiatives


Christy Martell

VP, Product Marketing


Josh Lehman

Senior Director, Product Management

Recession-proof your facility:
How energy storage can help