Save with intelligent energy storage.
Earn with demand response.

Stem and CPower have joined forces to deliver a unique demand optimization solution at the frontier of energy evolution. 

Stem operates the world's largest intelligent energy storage network. 

CPower is the largest demand response provider in the country dedicated to serving commercial, industrial and institutional customers. By joining forces, the two leading service providers have formed a partnership to provide a combined energy storage and demand response solution. The solution helps organizations save money with peak demand management and earn money with demand response, all while supporting a more reliable and sustainable grid. 

Combine intelligent energy storage and demand response for greater savings and earnings.

  • Receive a custom-designed, expertly integrated solution for managing and optimizing electricity demand.
  • Maximize program participation--and earnings--with storage and demand response simultaneously. Don't be limited by program rules that block separate enrollments.
  • Multiply earnings from utilities and markets for the higher-value grid support you deliver. The grid gets dependable, sustainable power and you reap the rewards.

Save money by storing electricity when prices are low and using it when prices are high.

  • Stem's service uses breakthrough artificial intelligence to automate electricity savings from energy storage. 
  • By shifting energy use away from times when it is most expensive, Stem lowers costs, protects against changing rates, and supports a sustainable grid. 



Earn money by getting paid to use less energy when the grid is stressed.

  • Your CPower team works with you in developing customized curtailment strategies that suit your organization's specific needs.
  • When the grid is stressed, CPower's dispatch team sends a notification and you comply based on your plan. You earn money for the energy you don't use. 


What is DR


Learn more about combining  intelligent energy storage and demand response.

Download "Intelligent Energy Storage and Demand Response" to learn how Stem and CPower can help your organization improve its bottom line, maintain grid reliability and preserve the environment.